Why the Progress App is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

sliced bread

Woah, sliced bread! Innovative, right? Well, so is Join Progress.

The Progress app allows companies to work and communicate with clients in a more efficient way. Outline projects, track project progression, assign tasks, schedule meetings, and upload documents - all through the touch of a finger.

Keep on reading to see how Join Progress is changing the way businesses and clients communicate about projects.

Progress is not Limited by Industry or Business Type

One of the greatest things about the Progress app is that businesses are not limited to using the application based on what industry or type of business they are in. It’s simple. If your company tracks and communicates progress, use Progress.

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Everything already built within the application is customizable. So rather than having to use standard phase names for your project, you can customize the project phases and even select an icon more appropriate to your phase and run with it.

This makes implementing Progress in your business seamless, and as simple as possible for your clients.

The App is Everything You Need and Nothing that You Don’t

Join Progress is everything you need to communicate with your clients in an effective, efficient way and nothing that you don’t need. This is a huge differentiator between the Progress app and any other client success or project management platform on the market.

Not only does this help you keep client communication and project progress streamlined, but it also eliminates unnecessary confusion within the app (i.e. removing any need for client training or high quantities of questions coming your way).

Enterprise / Custom Progress

Now, while it’s our goal at Progress to keep the application purposefully simple, we also understand that some businesses just need a little bit more in order to effectively track project progress for their clients. That’s why we created Enterprise.

Enterprise allows you to share with us what your specific needs are, and we’ll create Progress specifically for your business. The app will even mimic your branding and host your logo.

It’s Easy to Implement Internally and with Clients

It’s just so simple. If you haven’t had a chance to watch the Progress demo video yet, I invite you to do so now.

The hardest part about implementing a new platform and process into a company is all of the hands-on training that has to be completed by employees and then passed on to clients. Progress eliminates the need for that training time.

Progress’ admin web application portal is incredibly user-friendly making it easy for your internal team to manage multiple Progress client portals, set custom phases, assign tasks, schedule meetings, message clients, and more.

And the client smart phone application is incredibly straightforward, which not only encourages client use, but eliminates any frustration caused by lack of understanding hefty project management software.

Join Progress is Super Affordable

The Standard or Business version of Progress starts at just $65 per user per month right now, and it gives you all of Progress’ features. There aren’t different levels of Progress where you get different features - there’s one Progress for all!

Should you need additional or custom features built into your Progress, the custom Enterprise plan is what you’re searching for.

Ponder this. How much does it cost you to manage project progress and communicate updates to your clients between phone call updates, writing long emails updates, meetings, etc? Now, how much is your time worth? Seriously - calculate it. I’ll wait.

So, how much time (AKA money) are you throwing away without having a streamlined process of project progress communication? Could you be using those lost hours for sales, marketing, operations, client success/delight, etc?

I bet $65/user/month is looking pretttyyyy nice right now.

Progress Makes Sliced Bread Seem Lame

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To sum things up, Join Progress is about to change the way you communicate with clients and manage project tracking. Let it!

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