Use Case: How Real Estate Agents Use the Progress App

real estate use case join progress appClient communication is key when you’re a real estate agent. The relationship you’re able to build with your client and how you maintain it is key to your success in this business. The Progress app enables brokers to seamlessly manage communication with buyers and/or sellers from start to finish.

To show you how, we’ve developed the following use case.

How to Help a New Home Buyer Purchase Their House Using Progress

When you get a new client wanting to buy a house, the first thing that happens is you outline the process.

What does the house hunting process look like? How are house viewings and open houses planned? Once they find their dream home, how do they go about making an offer? What does the closing process look like? Where do due diligence and inspections fall in? And when do they need to get you paperwork and payments?

Progress is a customer success application helping real estate agents outline the home buying process as a way that’s easy to understand and organizes all communication in one place on a client-by-client basis.

The app is comprised of:

  • Phases with steps outlined within each phase
  • A todo list shared between you and your client
  • A meetings calendar that syncs with your’s and your client’s personal calendars
  • In-app instant messaging for quick communication
  • A photo uploader for easy sharing
  • And file sharing that integrates with DocuSign
progress app for real estate agents

Real estate agents can create unique phases for house hunting, inspections and due diligence, and closing. Within each of those phases, steps can be outlined so your client knows what will have to be completed within each phase of the process.

For instance, property viewings could be listed under house hunting, the various inspections could be listed

under due diligence, and all documents that would need to be completed could be listed under closing.

Use the ToDo’s section of the app to keep you and your client on top of items that still need to be completed. For example, create a todo for your client whenever you need them to complete paperwork. They’ll receive a notification to complete the item and you’ll receive a notification once it’s completed. They can sign any important documents within the app through DocuSign.

The messaging section of the Progress app makes communicating with clients so simple. Rather than receiving hundreds of phone calls daily from clients asking questions or seeking updates, channel the communication into the app so you can respond as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lastly, the Progress app lets you book viewings and open houses virtually with your clients. Once you communicate with the real estate agent on a house, send your client a calendar invite through Progress. It syncs with your’s and your client’s smartphone calendar so once the event is accepted, it will be added to each of your calendars.

Progress for the Win

The Progress app takes away all confusion and apprehension your clients might be feeling about the house buying/selling process. It makes the process and the order of events clear and understandable. Further, it streamlines their communication with you in an efficient and effective way.

Streamline Communication & Organization

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For real estate agents, the Progress app keeps you organized and shortens the hours you spend daily on calling clients, responding to emails, updating accounts, and having face-to-face meetings. Cutting that time down is a big deal. The average real estate agent spends 36-38 hours per client; if you could streamline your communication efforts, you could become much more efficient per client, all while your client feels completely taken care of.

By freeing up your time on general communication and organization to keep your clients on track, you’re able to take that time and turn it into more initial client meetings or house showings, all the while knowing your clients are maintained at the highest level. The Progress Admin Portal keeps each client account organized so when you login, you know exactly what part of the process each of your clients are in and what your next steps are.

Ready to learn more? Discover more about how Progress works for real estate agents and brokers! Schedule a free demo to get started.

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