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progress custom buildIf you’ve become familiar with Progress, you now know that the Progress app is comprised of everything you need and nothing you don’t to facilitate strong customer communication throughout projects.

That said, sometimes companies need a little more. Depending on the nature of your business, the needs of your customers or the length of your projects, you might need some additional features built into the Progress app. That’s where Enterprise comes in.

What is Progress Enterprise?

Progress Enterprise is the Progress app built your way. Essentially with the Enterprise program, you get all the same great features of the Basic plan - unlimited projects and clients, todo list management, unlimited photo upload, DocuSign integration, and meetings - but you can also add on your own custom features that are needed for your business.

Several custom features that are commonly worked into the Progress app at the Enterprise level are approval systems, referrals, unlimited video upload, and multi-user types.

The approval system is great for businesses that have three parties or more using the Progress app. For instance, if you’re a construction company managing multiple construction projects, your contractors can send you progress updates that you can then approve, deny or edit, and then push forward to the client.

The multiple user types functionality is what allows for the approval system to work. This features allows you to create those different levels of users within the Progress app. Back to our construction company example, you can create different levels for the admin (construction company), the contractors and the clients and distinguish how those different levels interact with each other.

The referral program actually allows your clients to refer new customers to you through the app. It’s a great lead generation tool for your business, and you can create a custom kick-back program to incentivize your clients to refer you new business.

Unlimited video upload is another common add-on. For many businesses, photos just aren’t enough to tell the story of their project progress update and something a little more detailed such as a video is what will do the trick.

Now, all that in mind, these are just some of the more common add-ons businesses choose to implement into the Progress app via the Enterprise plan. However, the Enterprise plan is as custom as you’d like to make it.

If there are specific needs you know your company would need in the app, the services and development team at Progress can make it happen. And if you’re not exactly certain what you need, but you know what you need to accomplish, Progress’ product team can help you achieve that vision.

How Does Progress Enterprise Pricing Work?

One of the great things about Progress Enterprise is there isn’t a set fee to upgrade to Enterprise. Meaning, if your business really only needs one custom feature added to the app, you’re not going to have to pay the same price as a company who has five custom features built in.

The pricing for Enterprise is just a custom as the features you decide to build in!

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