Progress For Agencies

Communicate Branding, Web Design & Marketing Processes to Clients Effortlessly


Progress Simplifies the Ideation, Communication & Approval Process Between Your Agency & Your Clients

  • Outline the Branding, Des/Dev, & Digital Marketing Phases Unique to Your Agency
  • Set Timelines & Deadlines for Deliverables
  • Show Clients Progress throughout the Project as Your Team Completes Tasks
  • Assign "ToDo's" to Clients when Approvals and Collateral are Needed
  • Schedule Standing Client Phone Calls or Meetings through the App
  • Share Imagery within Phases to Show Clients Versions of Logos, Web Pages, Infographics & Other Creatives
  • Upload Proposals, Contracts, Brand Guidelines, Strategies, Budgets, & Other Important Documents
  • Integrate with DocuSign so Clients can Sign Important Documents from Anywhere

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Eliminate the need for impromptu calls, lengthy progress email updates and unnecessary project management software training for clients. Allow your clients to get their own updates on their own time with the touch of a finger.

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