The Customer Success Application Making Project Progress, Communication, Tasks & Documents Simple

Progress App

For Your Clients

Custom Phases Aligned to Your Project Timeline and Workflow

At the heart of Progress is the ability for you to be able to map out a project workflow in custom phases for your clients to view. This enables your clients to see each phase or chapter in your project, and they’ll be able to see as you complete steps in each phase eliminating the need for email or phone call updates.

Visible Progression

Showing the progression in your project’s phases through Progress allow your clients to be “in the know” with where your project stands in an efficient way. Rather than someone on your team having to constantly call or email updates to your clients, your clients are able to see the project in it’s entirety and your progress in real time as your team completes phases in the customer success application.

Concrete Slabs

For Your Business

Progress’ web application portal makes it easy for businesses to manage multiple Progresses and set-up all initial onboarding tasks for a project. Everything from phases, to tasks, to messaging, to files - it can all be set-up in Progress’ user-friendly online interface.

After a Progress instance is created and customized in the web application, you can easily push updates through the web application.

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File Upload & DocuSign Integration

Brace yourselves - this is the big one! Progress has made it possible for you to upload files and pictures, and the customer success application integrates with DocuSign!

Contracts, pictures, instructions, etc. - they can all be uploaded into Progress. Photos can be associated to phases and other uploads can all be stored in documents. As you upload files on the business side, you can notate if action is required and that will appear to the client when they view the file.

Coming Soon

Clients’ Task Management

Progress also allows you to assign clients tasks with due dates within the application. Gone are the days of you having to call and remind clients that you need paperwork or approvals! Simply assign clients tasks within the application and they’ll receive push notification reminders to their smartphone where they can check off what is done, keeping them on-time with deliverables and you on schedule.

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Post-Construction Meeting
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Schedule Client Meetings

Progress allows you and your clients to schedule meetings with one another through the application. Progress syncs with your’s and your client’s smartphone calendar so finding availability and booking time is easy.

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In-App Organized Messaging

With Progress, all communication can be completed through in-app messaging. Contribute to threads of conversation or start a new message for a new topic. It will all stay organized within Progress and clients will receive instant push notifications when they receive a new message from you.

Managing client communication has never been more organized. Your team no longer has to remember phone calls, search for emails or navigate cumbersome project management software to locate conversations.

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